When Do You Take Senior Pictures

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I receive inquires daily asking the same question:

Well, I’m glad y’all asked!

I typically photograph seniors  June through May. I know that doesn’t exactly answer your question, but the truth is,

you lot can get your senior pictures made at any time.
It is completely up to y’all!

Here are a few things to consider every bit y’all start to think about scheduling your senior session:


Practise y’all have a borderline you’re working with? (football programs, yearbook deadlines, sorority recruitment, slideshows)
If y’all’re wanting to apply your senior pictures for football game programme ads and yearbook ads, I would recommend doing your session before school starts. And so, you will be able to use your senior pictures all year long and you will not have to stress about fitting in a session in earlier the deadline!

Senior yearbook ad deadlines vary from schoolhouse to school. Some deadlines for yearbook ads are as early as October 31. Cheque with your yearbook staff to see when your specific school’south deadline is.

Sorority recruitment E’er sneaks up on you. Trust me, I’VE BEEN THERE! Most Panhellenic and alumni groups recommend that you send out your folders (that include your printed photos) to alumni past
April 1. With jump suspension, prom, senior presentations and graduation parties, the last thing on your mind is getting your photos made for sorority packets. Make sure to plan alee so yous take plenty of time if Female parent Nature decides to rain on your senior session.


Are you on a sports team that has a “busy” season?
If you’re a softball player, on the drill team or play a jump sport, exist prepared for a packed schedule in the bound! Football, volleyball and other fall sports know that their schedule is pretty tight September through November. Between games, leap shows, spring concerts and competitions, your subsequently school schedule and weekend schedule tends to be busy! Programme around your busy season so yous’re non stressed during your senior session.


Does foliage matter?
If you’re wanting to shoot in downtown Dallas, Deep Ellum or another urban setting, the seasons and foliage do not thing.  If you’re wanting a session in a more natural expanse with trees, flowers and fields, the season does thing. Personally, my favorite shots in fields have been during the fall and late spring! If yous want a lot of flowers in your pictures, wait until the leap.


Practise you prefer fall/wintertime clothes or jump/summertime clothes?
If you dearest boots, scarfs, sweaters and leggings, volume your session for October or November. If you love sundresses and springy rompers, July, August, September, March, April or May. If you’re from Dallas, we all know that the weather condition here has a difficult time making up its mind. It has been blistering hot in Nov and has snowed in March in the by. Be prepared for both if you’re choosing months where the seasons are changing.

My (honest) advice to you on scheduling your senior session:


Plan in accelerate and plan for a rainy day
The past ii years during jump break, I’ve had to reschedule betwixt eight-10 senior sessions due to rain. SPRING WEATHER IS EXTREMELY UNPREDICTABLE and THE BUSIEST TIME FOR SENIOR PICTURES. This by spring, I had a shoot, if not multiple, most every day from March through May making information technology difficult to reschedule any shoots that were rained out.  If you have a borderline for your images, make certain to leave plenty of time just in instance we accept to reschedule due to Mother Nature.

I wish I could control the weather condition…TRUST ME!


Schedule your photos 3+ months ahead of fourth dimension
If you know you can but shoot on a weekend or have a specific day in mind, brand sure to schedule 3 months in accelerate. Typically, weekend and school vacation sessions are the first to be reserved, so make sure to reserve your date alee of time!


Know when your photographer’s decorated seasons are
By knowing when your photographer’s decorated seasons are, you’re able to book with plenty of time to reserve your session before slots are taken. For me, my schedule is tight October through November and March through May.

With summer being halfway over (CRAZY!), start thinking about when you lot want to book your session! Even if information technology isn’t until the jump, it is a good idea to get something on your schedule so information technology doesn’t sideslip up on you.

I hope yous found this mail service informative! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks! They’ll be posted every Tuesday!

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