Where Is My Lightroom Catalog Stored

By | 20/10/2022

Find quick answers to frequently asked questions well-nigh catalogs in Lightroom Archetype.

What is a catalog?

A itemize is a database that tracks the location of your photos and information nearly them. When you edit photos, rate them, add keywords to them, or do anything to photos in Lightroom Classic – all those changes are stored in the catalog. The files themselves are not touched.

When y’all offset Lightroom Classic for the first time, an empty catalog file (for example, Lightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat) is automatically created. To start working with this default and empty catalog, click theImport button.

  • Catalogs are different from collections. Collections are an organizational tool within a itemize. Run across Work with photograph collections.
  • To watch a video tutorial about catalogs, meet How Lightroom Classic catalogs piece of work.
  • To learn how to back up your images in the catalog, see How do I back up a catalog?

Where are my images and itemize located?

See Open a file in Explorer or Finder to learn nigh where your images are saved. Do note that your images are not stored in the Lightroom Classic app.

Your Lightroom Classic catalogs are located in the following folders, by default:

  • Windows:
    \Users\[user name]\Pictures\Lightroom
  • macOS:
    /Users/[user name]/Pictures/Lightroom

To cheque your default catalog, choose
Edit > Preferences > General and bank checkDefault Catalog.

For more than data, encounter Preference and other file locations | Lightroom Classic

If you’ve moved your itemize and tin can’t think where information technology is, search for “lrcat” in the Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS).

How do I open my old itemize in my new version of Lightroom Classic?

You tin can hands upgrade your old catalog in the new version of Lightroom Classic. Run across Upgrade a catalog from an before version of Lightroom Classic.

If you lot are having problem in upgrading a catalog, open the old catalog in your previous version of Lightroom Classic and consign it every bit a new itemize. You can so import the exported catalog into the new version of Lightroom Classic. For more information, run across Export a catalog or scout this video tutorial.

How do I merge two catalogs or import folders from another catalog?

  1. Cull
    File > Open Catalog
    and select the catalog that you want as the primary (or primary) itemize. This is the catalog you want to add photos to.

  2. Choose
    File > Import From Some other Catalog
    and navigate to the catalog that contains the photos yous want to add from.
    Then, click Open up (Windows) or Choose (macOS).

  3. In the
    Import From Itemize
    dialog box:

    1. Under Catalog Contents, select the folders that contain the photos you desire to import.

  4. Repeat steps 1 – iv for boosted catalogs or photos that yous want to add to the open up one.

How tin can I use my catalog on two different computers?

The easiest style to use your Lightroom Classic catalog on more than ane computer (such equally a desktop and laptop) is to proceed the catalog and photos together on an external drive. Then, you can set that catalog as the default catalog in Lightroom Classic Preferences.

What is .lrcat-data file?

Starting with Lightroom Classic 11, Lightroom Classic stores some boosted information in a new file, with an extension of


along with the catalog file. This file is located in the aforementioned folder every bit your catalog file. This file contains of import information virtually your photos and edits and should be included in whatever backup regimes you may have.


The new lrcat-data file, introduced in Lightroom Classic 11, along with the itemize file

How practice I move a catalog to a unlike bulldoze or computer?

You can motility your catalog to a different location on your computer’s hard bulldoze, to an external deejay, or to some other computer birthday. For details, encounter Move a catalog.

To motility a catalog betwixt a Windows figurer and a Mac, copy your catalog, .lrcat-data, preview, and image files from the original computer onto an external drive. So, attach the drive to the second computer and copy the files to the desired location on the second computer.

  • When you move a itemize, you lot’re not moving any photos nor are you moving the Lightroom Archetype app itself.
  • Afterward you motility your catalog, you may need to help Lightroom Classic find information technology. See Lightroom Classic can’t discover my catalog. How practice I notice information technology?
  • Looking for a video tutorial? Nosotros’ve got you covered. See How to drift Lightroom Archetype itemize to a new computer.

How practice I open up or switch between different catalogs?

To open a different catalog, cull
File > Open Catalog, navigate to the location of the itemize you want to open, and click
Open up.

If you have multiple catalogs, you can tell Lightroom Classic which one to open when you commencement the programme. To know more, meet Change the default itemize.

Are catalogs in Lightroom Classic backward uniform?

No, the catalogs in Lightroom Classic aren’t backward compatible. Catalogs from a new Lightroom Classic version cannot be opened in the older versions.

When you try to open a itemize from a new version into an older Lightroom Classic version, y’all get a dialog displaying:The Lightroom catalog named [Your Itemize Name] cannot be opened because it is too new to be used by this version of Lightroom.

To work in the older versions, import the required photos into Lightroom Archetype and create another itemize from that version.

Check the table below to know your itemize compatibility:


Catalog compatibility

Lightroom Archetype 11.x

  • Not compatible with Lightroom Classic x.x, Lightroom Classic 9.10, Lightroom Classic eight.x, Lightroom Archetype CC 7.10, Lightroom CC 2015.ten, Lightroom 6.ten, Lightroom five.ten, and before versions

Lightroom Classic 10.x

  • Not compatible with Lightroom Archetype 9.ten, Lightroom Classic 8.x, Lightroom Classic CC vii.ten, Lightroom CC 2015.ten, Lightroom 6.x, Lightroom five.ten, and earlier versions

Lightroom Classic 9.x

  • Not compatible with Lightroom Classic 8.x, Lightroom Classic CC vii.x, Lightroom CC 2015.x, Lightroom 6.10, Lightroom five.10, and earlier versions

Lightroom Classic 8.x

  • Compatible with Lightroom Classic CC 7.10
  • Not compatible with Lightroom CC 2015.ten, Lightroom 6.x, Lightroom 5.x, and earlier versions

Lightroom Archetype CC 7.x

  • Not compatible with Lightroom CC 2015.x, Lightroom six.10, Lightroom 5.10, and before versions

Lightroom CC 2015.x

  • Uniform with Lightroom half-dozen.x
  • Not compatible with Lightroom five.x, Lightroom 4.ten, and earlier versions

Lightroom 6.x

  • Compatible with Lightroom CC 2015.x
  • Not compatible with Lightroom 5.x, Lightroom 4.x, and earlier versions

Lightroom five.x

  • Not compatible with Lightroom iv.ten, and before versions

How do I rename a itemize?

You can rename a catalog in the Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS). If yous rename a itemize, make sure you rename its corresponding .lrcat-data, previews, and smart previews files equally well.

  1. Navigate to your itemize and its preview and database files in the Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS). They should be in the same binder.

  2. Rename all the <

    oldCatalogName> xxx.lrdata

    files. Make sure to retain ‘Previews’
    in the preview cache files. For example, for ‘Lightroom five Catalog Previews.lrdata’ is renamed to ‘My trip catalog Previews.lrdata’.

Later yous rename your itemize, you may demand to help Lightroom Classic find it. See Lightroom Classic can’t find my itemize. How exercise I find it?

How tin can I export a folder every bit a catalog?

To export a folder every bit a catalog, in the
panel of the Library module, right-click (Windows)/Control-click (macOS) the folder you lot want to export. From the context menu, select
Export this Folder as a Catalog.

How do I dorsum upward a catalog and manage backup storage?

Y’all can support your catalog automatically when you quit Lightroom Archetype or back upward manually. To plan your fill-in strategy to manage storage and back up your itemize, see Programme your backup strategy.

Backing up your itemize does not back upwardly the photos it references. To understand what a catalog is, see What is a catalog?

Are my images existence backed-upwardly on Cloud?

No, but you tin can sync smart previews of your photos from Lightroom Archetype to the Lightroom ecosystem. To know more, meet Sync Lightroom Archetype with Lightroom ecosystem.

How do I delete a itemize?

To learn how to delete a itemize, encounter Delete a itemize.

Tin I store or share a catalog on a network?

No, you can’t shop catalogs on a network simply you can store or share your photos on a network. Smart Previews let you lot edit your photos in Lightroom Classic even when you lot are disconnected from the network or when your reckoner is disconnected from the bulldoze that has your photos.

Lightroom Classic tin can’t notice my catalog. How do I find it?

If y’all move or rename your itemize and and so try to open Lightroom Classic, you could meet an mistake such as
Lightroom catalog was non institute.

  1. In the
    Lightroom catalog was not found
    mistake window, click
    Choose A Different Catalog.

    Choose a different catalog to open.

  2. If the catalog you lot want to open isn’t listed, click
    Choose A Different Itemize
    again to open the \Pictures\Lightroom (Windows) or /Pictures/Lightroom (macOS) binder.

  3. Navigate to the location of your renamed or moved catalog, select it, and click Choose.

  4. In the Select Catalog dialog box, your renamed catalog is probably the first itemize in the list. Select it and click Open.

My photos are missing in the catalog. How do I find them?

When you lot move images in Finder (macOS) or Explorer (Windows), your catalog could lose runway of them. To avoid missing photos, ever movement them from within Lightroom Classic than in the operating system. To know more, see Move photos to a different folder and Locate missing photos.

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