Where Should I Have My Photography Studio

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Welcome to my home studio inJersey Urban center! When I beginning started hunting for condos after graduating college, I wanted to discover a identify that I could both alive in and also use as ahome office &photography studio for my business concern.

This condo (ironically the first unit I even looked at!) turned out to be the perfect fit for me. I use the combined living-dining expanse equally a studio space, for storage, and to encounter with clients.


I love meeting with clients in my dwelling house rather than at a random Starbucks considering it allows them to get to know me even amend. They’re able to get a sense of how I live, how I work, that equipment I have, and my style, just by being in the space.

I have some of my favorite books displayed on my free floating bookshelves (made by my dad and I!) and sample canvas prints & framed prints on the wall. When clients are over, I also cast some recent work in a slideshow on the Tv.


When I take a shoot, I just set up my lighting equipment and roll downward my seamless backdrops. When they’re not in use, I hang up my stands and lighting equipment on these Ikea hooks – I dear that they fold apartment so they don’t get in the way of my seamless backdrops! My DIY backdrop holders are made from steel rods and curtain rod brackets.

home photography studio equipment setup and storage

53″ Seamless Backdrops:  https://amzn.to/37h8ych

Air Cushioned Light Stands:  https://amzn.to/2SbFkr2

Octagon Softbox:  https://amzn.to/31ENU4R

Rod Brackets:  https://amzn.to/379Aqz7

Domicile OFFICE

I have two workspaces in the role expanse nigh the forepart door.

I keep my tools on a pegboard mounted on the wall higher up my cut mat.

I store near of my ribbons, boxes, packaging materials, fine art supplies, flash drives, paperwork, etc. in boxes and binders on floating shelves above the desks.

On the walls by the front door, I accept my certificates, some sample prints, and maps with flags of all the places I’ve shot.

I also have a tertiary desk-bound in my bedroom for editing on my laptop.


My bedroom is in the corner farthest from the front door, so clients rarely pass past it (and I tin close the door to my bedroom anytime clients come over).

The bathroom is located simply past the living room – like shooting fish in a barrel for clients & guests to admission without having to walk through the bedroom or whatever personal areas.

The kitchen is located next to the role surface area – out of the way only too like shooting fish in a barrel to access, if needed.


I too have some fine fine art prints from Bailiwick of jersey City landmarks in the lobby and hallways so clients tin can see some more than of my work equally they walk in.

Download a free copy of the spreadsheet I use to calculate & write off my habitation office expenses every bit a tax deduction here!

If you take any questions, experience free to leave them in the comments!


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