Which Led Panel Is Best For Photography

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Delivering constant illumination, LED panels have their uses for photography, merely y’all demand to choose one carefully. Hither we’ve rounded up 6 of the best LED panels for photographers to see which offers the best value for money.

As light sources, arrays of loftier-efficiency LED panels have found favour in everything from torches that you can wear on your head to depression-energy lights for homes, offices and shops.

LED panels also have advantages over flashguns for photographic use. Instead of a brilliant but very short pulse of light they deliver abiding output, which makes it easier to view lighting effects while composing a shot.

The down side is that the maximum output of LED panels is typically much less powerful than that of a flashgun, so you’ll frequently notice you need to place an LED console very shut to what you lot’re shooting.

Abiding lighting is essential for video shooting. LED panels can exist constructive for this, only be wary of models which give a flickering output, peculiarly when the power setting is reduced. None of the LED panels in this test grouping exhibit flickering.

To test the maximum output of competing panels, we used a Sekonic Litemaster Pro L478DR in incident metering fashion, placed at a distance of one metre from each panel in turn.

The aperture for a right exposure was measured in the dark at ISO200 and a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second.

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Best LED panels for photographers: 01 Interfit Matinee LED 320

£165, $240
Despite being the 2nd cheapest panel in the group, the Matinee boasts a fairly sizeable active surface area of 25x8cm.

It’south still lightweight plenty to be mounted in a hotshoe, and a mini brawl head for this or tripod fitment is supplied. A mains power pack is likewise included.

Alternatively, yous can run the panel from a Li-ion camera-mode battery, which tin can exist bought separately complete with mains charger.

The maximum claimed output of 1900 Lux is impressive for a panel of this size, and dual-color LEDs enable yous to vary the colour temperature between 3200-5600K.

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Adjustments for this as well as output ability are easily made using the two rotary knobs. In our tests, the maximum power in performance equated to a lens aperture of f/3.6.


Fairly powerful yet light; variable colour temperature.
Can’t be powered from regular AA batteries.
We say
Large enough for soft lighting, and unbeatable value.



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Best LED panels for photographers: 02 Kaiser StarCluster LED Camera Light

Best LED panels for photographers: 02 Kaiser StarCluster LED Camera Light

£140, $220
With a console size of 8.5x6cm, this is the smallest model in the grouping. This dinky console runs on five AA batteries. (You can too run it direct from a Catechism LP-E6 camera bombardment, although you’re unlikely to take one of those in your gadget bag.)

Additional options include a mains adaptor, which is available for split up purchase.

Unlike the Interfit Matinee, the Kaiser StarCluster’s colour temperature is fixed to a daylight value of 5600K, although both a diffuser panel and a tungsten filter, which adhere magnetically, are supplied with the panel.

Rated at 600 Lux, the console enabled an aperture of f/3.two in our one-metre exam, only only f/2.eight when the tungsten filter was fitted.

Power adjustment is polish and overall build quality feels good for a lightweight unit.


Pocket-size but robust; diffuser and tungsten filter included.
Shame the external battery option is Canon-based.
We say
A good purchase, although information technology just has daylight-balanced LEDs.


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All-time LED panels for photographers: 03 Manfrotto Spectra LED Light 900FT

Best LED panels for photographers: 03 Manfrotto Spectra LED Light 900FT

£370, $470
Building on Manfrotto’s success with small-scale, portable light panels, this new model is a little larger than before ones, at 15x10cm.

Rated at 540 Lux, it runs on half-dozen AA batteries and an optional mains adaptor is also available.

Dual controls enable output power adjustments and a colour temperature range of 3200-5800K.

Equally with the Interfit Matinee, a mini ball head forms office of the kit, making the panel suitable for hotshoe mounting or fitment on a tripod head.

Despite the maximum claimed output rating beingness substantially lower than for the Interfit panel, the resulting aperture required in our 1-metre examination was f/2.viii, non much wider than the Interfit’s f/iii.6.

Nonetheless, the output dropped a footling when we tested information technology using simply the tungsten colour lamps, requiring an aperture of f/2.2.


Unproblematic controls; portable; takes standard AA batteries.
More than than twice the price of the Interfit Matinee.
Nosotros say
It’s convenient, but pricy for a relatively small console.


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Best LED panels for photographers: 04 Rosco LitePad Axiom 152mm 10 152mm

Best LED panels for photographers: 04 Rosco LitePad Axiom 152mm x 152mm

£225, $240
Although sold as a pocket-sized console in its own correct, this particular console is also ofttimes sold as part of a much larger system which enables total studio lighting setups based on LED panels.

Typical of the Rosco range, information technology has an industrial level of build quality, complete with a steel and aluminium housing designed to withstand lots of penalty.

A fine grid of relatively tiny LEDs makes for a very polish low-cal source but, bought as a standalone panel, the LitePad Axiom lacks dual color temperatures or even a dimmer adjustment.

On the plus side, a convenient slot enables fitment of broad-ranging filters and diffusers.

Around the dorsum, a universal mounting system keeps your options open up.

In our lab tests, this console’south output power proved the lowest in the group, equating to a required discontinuity of f/ii.


Fully professional build quality; filigree of ultra-pocket-sized LEDs.
No power adjustment; the strength of illumination is depression.
We say
Very well made, but non ideal equally a standalone console.


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All-time LED panels for photographers: 05 F&V K4000S Bi-Color LED Studio Panel

Best LED panels for photographers: 05 F&V K4000S Bi-Color LED Studio Panel

£380, $500
Much larger and weightier than hotshoe mounting panels, this 1 has an active surface area of 30x30cm and mounts on a regular lighting stand.

It’southward powered by a clip-on mains adaptor (which is supplied with the panel) though you can fit an optional battery pack in its place if you adopt.

Every bit ane of F&5’s ‘bi-colour’ panels, the colour temperature is variable between 3200-5600K, via a rotary knob on the rear, which is positioned next to the ability adjustment knob.

The console is rated at 2490 Lux and, in our tests, enabled an aperture of f/4 at a distance of one metre, using both daylight and tungsten colour temperatures.

It’s therefore not much more powerful in practical terms than some of the relatively small panels – including the Interfit Matinee, which sells for less than half the price.


Good build quality; mains powered or battery pack.
Despite its size and power rating, output is disappointing.
We say
The price is competitive for such a large panel.


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All-time LED panels for photographers: 06 Limelite Mosaic Daylight 30cm LED Console

Best LED panels for photographers: 06 Limelite Mosaic Daylight 30cm LED Panel

£595, $960
With a similar size and build to the F&V LED panel, the Limelite also gives you the ability to connect multiple panels together via ethernet cables for synchronised command.

Over again, it’s mains-powered and yous can purchase optional battery packs, but the Limelite likewise has pushbutton controls with an blastoff-numeric brandish, enabling precise and easily repeatable adjustments.

The panel is bachelor in daylight or tungsten colour temperature (we tested the Daylight version), while a pricier ‘bi-colour’ option costs £835/$1120.

The biggest difference betwixt this and the F&V is in maximum ability output, the Limelite existence rated at 4200 Lux.

In our one-metre test, information technology enabled an aperture of f/ix, proving that it’s a lot more powerful than whatsoever of the other panels in the grouping.


Rugged metal frame; pro features; powerful output.
Expensive, especially if you go for the bi-colour panel.
We say
A jewel, with advanced features and mighty power.



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