Which Type Of Photography Make The Most Money

By | 22/01/2023

While the rates indicated here are approximate manufacture standards, they remain averages and generalizations, nosotros suggest you utilize them equally a guideline when you lot’re thinking about the value of your work, what sectors you lot want to work in and how much yous should charge.

Annotation too that these rates are based on broad international standards. Depending on your economic context, yet, you lot will need to conform your fees up or down. At the very least, this guide volition give you some ballpark figures to orientate yourself in the photography marketplace.

Naturally, fees are dependent on a range of factors:

  • The type of client
  • The difficulty of the shoot
  • The perceived value the shoot delivers
  • The reputation of the photographer
  • The negotiating process

There are professionals in every photography genre getting paid far to a higher place the averages we listing here.

At the finish of the day, a photographer is paid for his or her expertise (which tin can exist illustrated with a stiff online portfolio) and their ‘brand’ (which is in office measured by how much piece of work has been commissioned and published).

It’due south no surprise, therefore, that the most famous photographers (who usually have acquired a off-white chip of feel and expertise on their mode upwards the ladder) control the highest rates.

Past hiring a well-known photographer, the client gets a feeling of additional assurance forth the lines of “if others accept chosen to work with this lensman, so I’m non taking a large adventure past following in their footsteps”. We could phone call this kind of behavior the ‘run a risk averse sheep gene’. Unfortunately these attitudes, understandable as they are, make it harder for new names to break in.

Having said all this, there are many related factors that tin can influence how well you go paid in a given photography niche.

These can include:

  • How much you charge on summit for print versions of your images
  • The licensing scope for your images (limited usage as ‘rights managed’ or broad usage as ‘royalty free’).
  • Factoring in travel fees (charging 50% for a travel day is pretty standard)
  • Having a servant fee
  • Photo editing and mail processing rates

Understanding that a twenty-four hour period rate is a flexible concept – Our advice in this scenario would exist to always insist (within reason) that every job you lot practice is going to exist billed as a total mean solar day.

With that, lets striking the list.

10. Editorial News: $250-$400 per twenty-four hours

nine. Portrait Photography: $150/hour – $650 per 24-hour interval
eight. Wild animals/Nature Photography: $200 – $500 per session (roughly $150 per hour)
7. Event Photography: $150 – $600 per session or event
six. Interior Photography: $150/hr – $1,500 per session

And then there’s the fact that interior photography is always on location, so higher travel costs and fourth dimension requirements are additional factors to consider. Your adjacent shoot might exist located 3-hours away, meaning a vi-hour commute. In some cases, yous’ll even exist getting on a plane to go to a shoot. These costs volition need to be factored into your billing to ensure profitability.

5. Band/Sports Photography: $300 – $1,000 per session (roughly $200 per hour)

4. Wedding ceremony Photography: $i,500 – $3,000 per twenty-four hour period
iii. Product Photography: $25 – $170 per prototype
2. Commercial Photography: $250 per image – $ane,000s per 24-hour interval
one. Fashion Photography: $500 -$ 1,000s per day

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Written By Yvan Cohen

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