Who Was Doris Ulmann’s Most Notable Photography Teacher At Columbia University In New York City

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Sandwich in Lower East Side

Katz Delicatessen
Katz’south Cafeteria
in the Lower East Side is the place for pastrami ‘smoked to juicy perfection’. The sandwiches do price over £10, but they will fill you up for a week. The eating house, in business concern since 1888, has a 2d claim to fame, beingness where One thousand thousand Ryan demonstrated her bedroom interim skills to Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally – a performance still re-enacted past customers on boilerplate at least twice a week.

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Central Park stroll

For the four-million plus NYC flat dwellers denied all trace of greenery (apart from the odd yucca struggling for survival next to the cat litter tray), the 800-acre Central Park is a godsend.
Since the time modify means you’ll be awake early, you could join the pre-breakfast congregation of joggers and power walkers on the most pop cardio-vascular artery, the 1.7-mile excursion of the reservoir (every bit trod by Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man).
You can also go rowing, visit the zoo, ride a historic carousel, ice skate in winter or take a equus caballus and buggy ride. Or just employ it every bit a quiet short cut between the East and West sides of the urban center.

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New York has plenty museums to last a lifetime. If I had to choose just one, it would exist Frank Lloyd Wright’southward helter-skelter
Guggenheim. Ride the lift to the height and spiral your way down past modern masters. But my shortlist would include the American 20th century collection in the rather brutal looking
and the American collection in the IM Pei wing of the Metropolitan (metmuseum.com). Recollect that New York’s museums mostly have first-class cafés for dejeuner.
There are some 40 million exhibits in the
American Museum of Natural History, the largest of its kind in the earth. But fifty-fifty if information technology had nothing other than its been-there-forever dioramas, information technology would be worth a visit. The landscapes and animals recreated in the enormous glass cases are so convincing y’all can almost smell the African bush. Demand a place to see a friend? Rendezvous nether the life-size model of the blue whale. You can’t miss it.

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Oysters at Grand Central Station

Oyster Bar
There’southward an enormous option on the menu – from Alaska to Cape Cod, Nova Scotia to Baja California – in the thou, high-vaulted, tiled and opulent
Oyster Bar
at Grand Cardinal Station. It opened 100 years ago, at a fourth dimension when long-booty travel meant only one thing – catching a railroad train. Save fourth dimension to wander around the station itself, a Beaux Arts beauty and a destination in its own right.

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An American bar

Ear Inn, SoHo
The Ear
is a personal favourite, a bar on the western fringe of SoHo that’s even on the National Register of Celebrated Buildings. Information technology got its unusual name when the owner bought an off-the-peg neon ‘BAR’ sign and imposed a stamp of individuality by but blacking out the two ‘bellies’ of the letter of the alphabet B. You lot can also eat bistro-type food served on paper tablecloths with a jar of crayons forth with the condiments. I once saturday side by side to David Hockney who scribbled away. As soon as he left the waiter leaned across and grabbed his creation in a flash.
For fancier cocktails (a Manhattan perchance), try the Edwardian lobby of the
Algonquin Hotel, a famous hangout for writers on The New Yorker.

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