Why Are Eyeglass Lenses So Expensive

By | 24/10/2022

According to the Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology, the average prescription eyeglasses can range from 240 to near 1,000 dollars. If you’re looking for the best pair of lenses, what’re you paying for?

Your optometrist writes you lot your prescription, but you can become your lenses from anywhere. Learn more near what yous’re paying for when debating cheap and expensive lenses so you tin make the best decision for your needs.

Cheap Lenses: What’re You lot Paying For?

Many presume expensive equals loftier-quality and cheap equals depression-quality. Your glasses don’t demand to cost hundreds of dollars to provide you lot with clear vision. If you’re looking for something to get the job washed, cheaper lenses are never a bad option.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some lower-cost lenses, what’re y’all paying for?

Cost-User-friendly Lenses

Cheaper lenses generally use more common lens materials. They may non be as tailored to your needs as other lens materials, but they still provide clear vision for a fraction of the cost.

Generally speaking, the lower the price of your lenses, the fewer features y’all take available. You’re sacrificing a more personalized pair of lenses for something more than frugal. If you’re debating going for a more than cost-effective route with your spectacles, call back virtually what you need for your vision before buying.

Purchasing Convenience

You can buy cheaper lenses from a variety of locations. You can become to a retail shop, vision eye, or fifty-fifty shop online.

If you need like shooting fish in a barrel-to-obtain, cheaper lenses, you have convenience on your side. Y’all tin order a new pair of spectacles without having to leave your couch.

With cheaper lenses, yous’re getting what you need to provide yourself with clear vision, merely more than expensive options give you a more personalized pair of glasses. If you’re looking at more than expensive lenses, what’re you paying for?

Expensive Lenses: What’re Y’all Paying For?

Everyone deserves clear vision, but some are willing to pay more for high-quality lenses with additional features and customization. Lenses are incredibly customizable; you can add lens tint, anti-reflective coating, or scratch-resistant engineering to your eyewear. You tin can create a lens designed for multiple prescriptions, including bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses.

Mostly, the cost of your lenses depends on a combination of factors, including the lens’ quality, features, customization, and the service you’re purchasing your lenses from.

Even if yous want quality eyewear without whatever additions, why might your bill end upwards expensive? If you’re wondering what you pay for with expensive lenses, here are some of the common factors:

High-Quality Lens Materials

With eyeglasses, there are more options for lenses than you call up. With more options, there is a larger difference in toll. Besides your standard drinking glass or plastic lenses, many options be, including:

  • Trivex lenses
  • High-index plastic lenses
  • Aspheric lenses
  • Polycarbonate lenses

Each type of lens offers different benefits for its user. Some are impact-resistant, lighter, or thinner; making a concluding decision usually comes down to preference. Generally speaking, a more than customized or quality lens may affect your bill more standard lenses.

Before you look for a new pair of lenses, think about your lifestyle and the features you need.

Optician comparing lenses and showing a customer different options in spectacles

Lens Features

Besides the blazon of textile your lenses utilise, there are other options to give your eyeglasses a personalized feel. If you’re suffering from presbyopia, you lot may have multiple prescriptions yous switch between throughout your twenty-four hour period. A common feature is the add-on of multiple prescriptions in a single lens.

Your standard lenses have one prescription, but multifocal lenses are available for people needing two or more than prescriptions in a single lens. There are several types of multifocal lenses, including:

  • Bifocals
  • Trifocals
  • Progressive lenses

If you demand multiple prescriptions, inquiry multifocal lenses earlier making your concluding decision; the convenience may exist worth the cost. There are many multifocal lenses, only knowing what y’all demand for your new eyeglasses can help with any cost considerations.

Lens Customization

With lenses today, in that location are many cosmetic and functional additions available. If y’all’re on your computer throughout the solar day, an anti-cogitating blanket can reduce the glare hitting your lenses. Scratch-resistant blanket can protect your lenses from drops and falls.

Special lens treatments include:

  • Lens tints
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Photochromatic lenses
  • Polarized lenses
  • Scratch-resistant coating

These customizations tin requite your eyewear more protection and functionality, only this may come at a cost. Money-witting eyeglasses wearers should determine if they demand any lens customization before making a last decision.

Hands-On Professional Help

While some shop online or at retail vision stores, many people buy their eyewear from their optometrist’s office. While you lot’re trying on lenses, you have assistance from trained and experienced opticians. They can answer any questions or concerns y’all may accept and help you fit your spectacles.

Other retail stores may have cheaper costs, but they may non provide the level of service your optometrist’southward role does. A comfortable, effective pair of spectacles may exist worth the extra cost.

Do Your Research Before You Buy

If you need glasses, your lenses are an investment for long-term, clear vision. Before you make a final decision, determine what your vision needs.Do some research on the lens materials, features, and customizations you demand. You can always contact your optometrist’s part if you have any questions. Whenever you’re ready to buy your new lenses, contact the corresponding retailer or call your optometrist.

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