Why Are Memory Cards So Expensive

By | 25/10/2022

I’ve e’er purchased medium-speed SanDisk memory cards and the cheapest USB three.i bill of fare readers for my reckoner. Have I been missing out? Are these ultra-expensive cards and readers actually worth it? Let’due south find out.

ProGrade recently sent me two 256 GB cards that cost a staggering $380 each. They also sent me an $fourscore ProGrade card reader.

Our current become-to cards are the SanDisk 256 GB 95 MB/south maximum write speed which I purchased for around $95. I certainly assumed that the ProGrade cards, that are almost iv times the price, would be faster, simply I too thought that all USB three.1 card readers were the aforementioned. Boy, was I wrong.

When I set up the ProGrade card reader on my computer tower I was excited to see that a magnet held it securely in place. I loved this characteristic just I still expected the performance of the reader to be identical to my Transcend reader. I was very wrong. To my surprise, the ProGrade card reader was significantly faster than the Transcend card reader with both the cheaper SanDisk carte and the ProGrade card. Both the Transcend card reader and my Lexar card reader transfer at wildly inconsistent speeds but I always assumed that was normal. The ProGrade card reader had a faster maximum top transfer speed that was more consistent fifty-fifty with inexpensive cards. Y’all can even transfer ii cards at one time without losing speed. $80 for this kind of performance boost is totally justifiable and I would recommend that every photographer purchase this carte du jour reader.

Understanding Retentiveness Card Speeds and Ratings

When buying a memory carte du jour, you should simply care virtually three numbers: the chapters, the maximum read speed, and minimum write speed. Nosotros all know what the capacity is (nosotros virtually exclusively use 256 GB cards now) but very few photographers know most the other two. Maximum read speed is ordinarily printed on the front of a card. These ProGrade cards say “250 MB/s.” This is the theoretical speed that you should be able to transfer files from the card to your estimator. The other important number is the minimum write speed. This number is shown on retentivity cards with the letter “V” in forepart of it. My SanDisk card is a V30 card and these ProGrade cards are V90. Some cameras crave extremely fast cards to work properly and this is the number to expect for. Our GH5s require at least a V60 (60 MB/s minimum write speed) to shoot in 10-bit color. With a slower card, we cannot use this characteristic.

When comparing the speed of the SanDisk V30 and ProGrade V90 cards, the decision to upgrade becomes more than difficult because the price difference is so large. Yep, the ProGrade V90 cards are two to three times faster than SanDisk V30 cards just they cost almost four times as much. Some still cameras will perform better when rapid firing with raw files, merely for the average shooter, they probably don’t need to spend this much on a retention card. But, even though y’all don’t demand it, y’all may desire information technology. In our “read” speed tests, the ProGrade card and reader were able to transfer footage six times faster than the cheaper pick. If you lot’re transferring a ton of footage, this could literally salvage yous hours. Check out our exact test results beneath transferring one.v GB of data.

SanDisk 95 MB/south V30 Read Speed

With Transcend reader: 45 seconds

With ProGrade reader: 20 seconds

SanDisk 95 MB/southward V30 Write Speed

With Transcend reader: 20 seconds

With ProGrade reader: xviii seconds

ProGrade 250 MB/southward V90 Write Speed

With Transcend reader: 21 seconds

With ProGrade reader: 9 seconds

ProGrade 250 MB/s V90 Read Speed

With Transcend reader: xviii seconds

With ProGrade reader: 7 seconds


I’m e’er excited to discover a product that performs better than I expected and the ProGrade card reader was far ameliorate than the two memory card readers that I currently own. At $80 price tag seemed expensive at kickoff, but now it seems like a deal. Don’t wait, buy it.

The ProGrade V90 retentivity cards are amazing but they are also super expensive. If you can’t justify the toll right now, I take good news, ProGrade likewise sells V60 cards for less than one-half the price. You can buy these for just a few dollars more than a SanDisk V30 cards and become double the functioning. In the next yr or two, V90 cards will become more than affordable, but if you lot desire the best of the best today, you’re going to pay handsomely for it.

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