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Why Are My Scratch Disks Full

By | 30/10/2022



If you lot regularly piece of work in Adobe Photoshop on your Windows computer, probably yous’ve encountered this trouble:
scratch disks are total. The full fault messages varies from different cases. Hither’re some of them:

Could non initialize Photoshop because the scratch disks are full.

Could not use the move tool considering the scratch disks are full.

Could non consummate the command because the scratch disks are full.

Whichever the fault bulletin you get, don’t panic, you lot’ll acquire the existent fixes in this guide. Read on to find out how…

What is a scratch disk?

Beginning things first, you may be curious about what the scratch disk is. Here’due south a uncomplicated introduction to help you gain a general sense of scratch disk:

Photoshop requires a working space called virtual memory or enshroud retentiveness when you’re working in information technology. When in that location’s non enough RAM on your computer, Photoshop would use your difficult drives as temporary space, and these hard drives are called “scratch deejay”. If there is simply one hard drive on your calculator, the scratch deejay is the system drive. If you lot’re working with large images or layers on Photoshop, Photoshop would then create a mountain of temp files. As a consequence, when both your RAM and scratch disk get full of temp files, you get the fault: scratch disk are full.

three fixes for scratch disks are full:

  1. Delete your temp files of Photoshop

  2. Make clean upwardly your scratch disk

  3. Change your scratch deejay allocation

Yous may probably ready your trouble through the start fix . But in the long term, we recommend you perform all the fixes as you can work in Photoshop properly.

Fix i: Delete your temp files of Photoshop

The scratch disks are full error probably happens when your scratch disk become full of the temp files. Once the fault pops up, simply delete your temp files of Photoshop to make room for new chore. And don’t worry to delete these temp files, it’s safety.

Here’s how:

1) On your keyboard, concord down the
Windows logo primal
  and press the
key to bring upwardly the

2) Type
and printing

3) On the open window, go toLocal > Temp.

4) Discover and highlight all the files start with
Photoshop temp.

v) On your keyboard, hold down the
key, then printing the
key to delete all the Photoshop temp files.

6) On your Photoshop interface, click
on the “scratch disks are full” error bulletin window and restart Photoshop and edit your moving picture to see if information technology works fine.

Fix 2: Make clean upwardly your scratch disks

Sometimes y’all might go the aforementioned scratch disks are full mistake not too long after y’all deleting the temp files. In case of that, you can go along to make clean up your scratch disk.

First things first, you need to
observe out which bulldoze is the scratch disk for the Photoshop

on your reckoner. It’s piece of cake to figure out:

If y’all
can access the Photoshop interface

properly, click
(for Mac users, click
Photoshop) >
Scratch Disks
. So you’ll see which is your Photoshop scratch disk.

If y’all
can’t open Photoshop
on your reckoner, follow these steps instead:

Run Photoshop, equally shortly as Photoshop starts, on your keyboard, press the
keys at the same time to bring upwardly the Scratch Disk Preference window.

Annotation: If y’all use Mac, press the

keys instead.

Make sure your scratch disk have at to the lowest degree
40 GB
complimentary space. If it doesn’t, move to your scratch disk and remove your unwanted files.

Fix 3: Change your scratch disk allotment

If you desire to go on Photoshop run fast on your computer, y’all can change its scratch disk allocation. Make sure
practise not select your organization drive
a network or removable drive
as the scratch disk.

Follow to open the Scratch Disk Preference window: Run Photoshop, as soon as Photoshop starts, on your keyboard, press the

keys at the same fourth dimension. If yous use Mac, press the
keys instead.

And then you tin set up a drive with much more gratuitous space every bit the scratch disk, and also, you can set a second, third or fourth scratch disk more than.

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