Why Does Iphone Have 2 Cameras

By | 08/11/2022

If you accept used the iPhone photographic camera, this question must accept popped up in your listen at one betoken or another: Why does the iPhone take 2 pictures when the HDR option is selected?

A uncomplicated answer to this question:

Your iPhone takes 2 photos when HDR option is selected to give yous a choice of comparing the HDR photo with the normal photo and selection the one which best appeals to you.

But if y’all are looking for a more in-depth reply, so you demand to read upwardly to the finish. You will besides detect out how you tin can cease your camera from taking two photos and thus saving yous more storage space.

What is HDR Mode and How Does it Work?
How to Finish iPhone Camera HDR Saving Two Pictures

What is HDR Mode and How Does it Work?

For instance, if a photo is being taken in a brightly colored groundwork, adjusting the brightness of the camera volition upshot in two things. Increasing the brightness level of the camera will capture the subject with an unusually loftier glare. Lowering the effulgence level will create a dark environment which volition look unnatural and thus not quite appealing to the eyes.

So you lot volition either end up with a photo which is underexposed or overexposed. But you need a high-quality photo, a photo which you will be proud to share with your friends and connections!

So what’s the solution

The solution is to switch your camera to HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode. This dynamic mode will capture dissimilar photos under different brightness levels and merge the photos to create a counterbalanced paradigm. When the HDR mode is enabled on your iPhone camera, the camera will shop both the normal epitome and the HDR epitome. The HDR image is bigger in size than the normal photos since it’due south formed from merging unlike images into ane. Merely it’s also clearer, more detailed, and balanced.

iPhone HDR 1

Storing both the normal and the HDR image is quite useful since you will have time to compare and pick the improve photo and discard the other low-quality photo. But sometimes this may be hectic.

If you fail to manage the photos over time, you may end upwardly exhausting your storage space since the HDR photograph takes quite a big space. However, at that place is a mode out. Yous can choose to keep the HDR photograph only and automatically discard the normal photo. Move to the next function of this commodity to learn how y’all can achieve this.

How to Stop iPhone Camera HDR Saving Two Pictures

With iPhone, it’south possible to set up your camera to keep HDR photo and automatically discard the normal photograph. To fix this, follow the steps below:

Launch the Settings app from the App tray.

Tap the “Camera” pick to access the Photographic camera settings interface.

Look for the “Keep normal photo” option and toggle the switch button from ON to OFF.

Close the settings app and exam the effectiveness of this setting by taking a photo. You will but get the HDR photo while the normal photo volition exist automatically discarded.

iPhone HDR 2

Y’all tin ever access the photos which you have taken by navigating to the Photograph app.


There are other options under the Camera settings. One of these is the HDR car mode. If you activate this manner, the photographic camera volition automatically switch between normal and HDR style depending on the subject clarity and the brightness level surrounding the camera lens field. The other option which you might demand to apply is the HDR manner. Once enabled all photos taken will be exclusively HDR images.


HDR images once captured properly make the best photos. They are not just clear but are also quite balanced ensuring that the background seamlessly matches with the subject field being captured by the camera. If y’all want to enjoy the HDR capabilities of your iOS camera and nonetheless ensure that your storage space is not chop-chop exhausted, then turn on the HDR mode and disable the “Keep normal photo” option.

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