Why Is Grad Images So Expensive

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With graduates and their families, there’due south an inherent expectation that photo proofs from their graduation ceremony will be available online near immediately afterwards the ceremony. After all, with today’s technology, we live in a world of near-instant gratification.

What’s the big bargain?

At GradImages, we understand families want to see those pictures as soon as possible. In fact, this “expectation of immediacy” is the driving forcefulness behind much of our work during graduation season.

Can’t GradImages just post all the images online right abroad?

Nosotros could, only that’due south non an appropriate fashion to care for your graduates or their families. Hither’southward why:

Some graduation photography companies that simply take all the images from a ceremony and drop them into one big photograph gallery. And so, customers are instructed to curl through hundreds (even thousands) of pictures to find their own. Our view is that this practice is disrespectful of their fourth dimension, and many graduates do non capeesh having their images on public brandish for all to see.

At GradImages, we accept care to individually identify every paradigm, and assign it to the correct graduate. Yes, that process does accept slightly longer, only it’s the right thing to practise. When graduates come to our website, they are not asked to cocky-identify their ain pictures from among hundreds of possibilities. Instead, by default, the images they come across volition be their own.

We understand speed is of import, but whenever a graduation photography company advertises the “fastest proof commitment,” that could exist a cherry-red flag. Be certain to ask whether graduates volition demand to search through every photograph in order to find his/her own, or whether each image volition be individually assigned to the correct graduate.

How long does it accept for GradImages to post ceremony proofs?

The short answer is that some events tin be posted in but a few hours, while others may take up to a couple of days.  It depends on numerous factors, including the number of graduates, complexity of the anniversary, availability of Cyberspace admission at the venue, when the ceremony takes place, how many poses were photographed, and howgraduate addresseswere obtained.

If there’s one thing we want our client schools to know, it’s that extraordinary efforts take identify after each ceremony to deliver proofs every bit rapidly as possible.

What is GradImages doing backside the scenes later my beginning?

Immediately following each event, our team captains in the field chop-chop upload digital images and data to our servers using laptop computers. If there are whatever materials that must be sent back to our office, those are ever shipped viaovernight deliveryto get in the very next morning. Our Production Department in Tallahassee takes over right abroad, and the race is on to accurately identify images and deliver proofs to graduates and their families.

When graduates fill outaddress cardsat outset, which we recommend for the most up-to-date information, information entry teams are standing by to convert that information to electronic format. Meanwhile, the sequence of the graduates every bit they were individually recognized on stage is verified, and each image is “tagged” to the correct graduate. (This is rarely as simple as information technology may sound.)

Once graduates have been identified and the anniversary has been through our quality control checks, email and text message notifications are sent almost immediately. Paper proofs are also printed and mailed right away.

Every bit a graduation coordinator, what can I practice to help expedite proof delivery?

Hither are four things customer schools can do to assist their graduates receive their ceremony photos as chop-chop as possible:

  • Encourage pre-registration. GradImages has a great online tool that allows families to provide us with up-to-date address information before the event.Click hither for more than information on this topic.  Pre-registration helps reduce delays in proof commitment due to missing or inaccurate accost information. From their outset web page(due south), many of our client schools link to our pre-registration organization at:http://www.gradimages.com/Preregistration
  • P
    ermit graduates to fill out address cards.
    While addresses provided by the school are of import, allowing each graduate the opportunity to consummate an address card at the ceremony will assistance ensure we have the almost up-to-date information. Click here to read additional information on this topic.
  • Proactively communicate any changes to the ceremony.
    Anything that affects the flow of graduates or how they are recognized on phase is important data for the states. If y’all are a GradImages customer, please don’t hesitate to call, electronic mail, or take advantage of ouronline client portalif you need to share any information about your ceremony that might impact the photography.
  • Take steps to proceed graduates in order every bit they cross the stage. From a photo identification standpoint, anytime pictures are taken in an lodge that does not match the order in which names are read, that is problematic and can delay the timely delivery of proofs.Reader lists can be particularly difficult, especially when graduates are called who are not reallyparticipantsin the anniversary. Additionally, students stopping on stage to talk to faculty while others walk around them can cause errors in image identification.

Source: https://resources.gradimages.com/how-photo-proofs-from-commencement-are-quickly-sent