Why Is My Phone Camera Shaking

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“Whenever I try to take a picture, my iPhone’s photographic camera tends to milkshake up. This issue stops me from taking clear photos. How would I get this thing sorted? All suggestions volition be profoundly appreciated.”

iphone camera shakes

Every iPhone user loves clicking snaps equally the iOS device has outstanding camera features. However, many people also complain well-nigh the iPhone photographic camera shaking effect. It isn’t the effect of a single user. Instead, thousands of users have been struggling with this issue. Luckily, we’ll tell you how to finish the iPhone camera from shaking in this article.

Part 1: Why is my iPhone camera shaking when taking picture show?
Part two: Seven methods to fix iPhone camera shaking when taking pictures
    Solution 1: Make clean camera’s lens
    Solution 2: Reset all iPhone settings
    Solution 3: Use TunesKit iOS System Recovery
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    Solution iv: Restart iPhone
    Solution five: Update iOS version
    Solution 6: Restore iPhone via iTunes
    Solution 7: Add a magnet to the phone example
Function 3: Summary

Part ane: Why is my iPhone camera shaking when taking movie?

If your iOS device gets shakes whenever yous effort to have your videos or pics, in that location tin can be a few reasons behind this fuss.

Whenever your photographic camera loses its stability, you may face up an ”iPhone photographic camera shaking” fuss. In this situation, your photographic camera’south interface gets disturbed and ends up causing the issue you face.

Some other thing that might cause a camera shaking upshot is dirty lenses. It would help if you cleaned the lenses to gear up your problem.

Seven methods to set up iPhone camera shaking when taking pictures

#1. Clean camera’south lens

If you lot’re facing ”iPhone photographic camera shaking” the first thing y’all’ll need to exercise is clean your camera’s lens. Sometimes, the dust enters into the photographic camera’s placement and affects the stability of your camera.

You lot can clean the camera by using a tissue. Moreover, you should avert using any liquid cleaner equally information technology can cause water to enter your iPhone. After cleaning the photographic camera, leap onto the next solution if the consequence persists.

iphone camera len

#two. Reset all iPhone settings

Despite cleaning your photographic camera your device, if you’re looking for an iPhone photographic camera shaking fix, yous must endeavor resetting your iPhone settings. Doing so can help y’all eliminate the issue you must exist facing. Here’s the guide to reset your iPhone settings.

Step one:
Launch iPhone settings and navigate the General setting option.

Step two:
At present, yous’ll demand to hit Reset All Settings Afterward resetting your settings, yous’ll demand to bank check whether the outcome you were facing has been stock-still or not

reset all iphone settings

#iii. Use an iOS organisation repair tool

If neither of the methods mentioned above worked for you, you could have the excellent services of TunesKit iOS Organization Recovery. It is an outstanding third-party tool that helps y’all fix more than 150 iOS device bug like iPhone light-green screen, iPhone keeps deleting messages, Bluetooth keeps disconnecting from iPhone, etc. Moreover, you won’t lose your data if you repair your device with its Standard Mode. Importantly, TunesKit iOS Organisation Recovery offers you with pretty piece of cake user interface, meaning yous tin can repair your device with minimal effort.

ios system recovery

Features of TunesKit iOS System Recovery

  • Prepare iPhone camera shaking inside several steps
  • Repair 150+ iOS/padOS/tvOS system issues
  • Freely enter/leave the recovery mode automatically
  • Supports the latest iOS System icluding iOS 15.2
  • Available on both Windows and Mac platforms

Footstep oneConnect the iPhone with PC

First of all, y’all’ll need to download TunesKit iOS System Recovery software on your calculator and launch it. Subsequently starting the program, connect your iOS device to the reckoner and hit the Start icon to proceed ahead.

connect iphone

Step 2Cull Standard fashion

Now, select the style of the repairing process. Selecting Standard Mode would exist a wise thought if you don’t want to lose information.

select mode

Step threeDownload firmware

Afterward deciding the repair mode, you’ll demand to download the advisable firmware package.

download firmware

Step ivSet iPhone camera shaking

Later on having an advisable firmware download, you can striking the Repair button to start the procedure. It will take some minutes before it makes your chore done.

fix your iphone

#4. Restart iPhone

Y’all can endeavour restarting your device if you’ve been facing any trouble iphone camera shaking when taking moving picture. Restarting a device is the most common notwithstanding effective style to fix many iOS problems. Here’s the guide to restart your device.

iPhone 10 or later models:
Press and hold the Book Down and Side push button until you see the ability slider. Information technology will have a few moments earlier your iPhone gets turned off and turned on once again.

For iPhone 6/vii/eight:
Drag your ability slider after pressing the side button. Afterward, you’ll be able to turn on your iPhone subsequently a few seconds.

restart iphone

#v. Update iOS version

If however, your iPhone photographic camera shakes, y’all need to ensure the iOS version yous’re currently using is the latest 1. Sometimes, you lot don’t pay attention whenever a new iOS update comes, which might cause issues with your iPhone functions. Here’s the guide to update iPhone if available.

Stride 1.
Launch iPhone settings and striking the Full general setting option.

Step 2.
Now, you lot’ll need to select Software Update and download the latest update from there.

update ios version

#6. Restore iPhone via iTunes

Before going for a third-party tool, y’all need to restore your device via iTunes to see how it goes. Well-nigh of the time, restoring iPhone through iTunes solves many issues.

Stride 1.
Launch iTunes and connect the iOS device to your PC.

Stride two.
You’ll need to hit the device icon subsequently iTunes detects the iOS device.

Step three.
Now, you can striking the Restore icon on the screen to get your chore washed. After restoring your device via iTunes, you need to use your camera and see the outcome of the restoration process.

restore iphone via itunes

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#7. Add together a magnet to the phone case.

Whenever your camera becomes disabled, information technology tin can cause an iPhone camera shaking issue. To get rid of this issue, yous tin can effort using a magnet. What a Magnet can do is balance the gyroscope and makes everything smooth. You lot can gum a Magnet in the iPhone camera’s behind.

phone case magnet


After skimming this guide, you’ll exist able to fix the iPhone camera shaking when taking pictures issue. All the methods we’ve discussed above can be pretty helpful. However, TunesKit iOS Organization Recovery is the best option yous’ve got. Apart from being user-friendly, it makes your job washed with minimal endeavour.


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