Will A Pentax 18-135 Lens Work Well For Landscape Photography

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Why the xviii-135 makes and so much sense.

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Why the 18-135 makes so much sense.


I’ve had a few very very nice eyes, non moreso than the fifty-135 and D-FA 70-200 2.8’s.

Still both above are heavy and neither inspired me on the AF speed area. The l-135 seemed to be glitchy and caused no finish of jam ups on my K3.

I’m a contempo adopter of the 18-135, which ….. is not anywhere near in the same category for bodily optical clarity; however

Information technology is pretty quick focusing on my K3, (not ever reliably hitting focus as I often see with my eyes that it’s not quite locking on and requires some other press of the button), but in general, it’s streets ahead of the 50-135 and quicker than the 70-200, simply maybe not quite as ‘ reliable’ as the lxx-200.


1. It’s low-cal weight, which makes it an ideal walkabout lens.

2. Atmospheric condition sealed on a K3 will mean it’s going to accept a shower and walk away unscathed.

3. At 18mm and f8 information technology’s pretty darn abrupt beyond the frame (ideal for landscapes); and so

4. At 135mm and f5.six information technology’s very sharp in the middle.

The reasoning of 1 & ii brand it a good starter, just using f8 at 18mm (mural) means shutter speeds are no issue and very much an subsequently idea. With IBIS it’s crazy low shutter speed territory.

There are a few telephoto zooms that need to be stopped down at the long end to improve sharpness, non so the eighteen-135,

Two stops wider at f5.6, the 135mm means that bird which flits past and into a tree / shade, means you’ve got a fighting take chances of a decent shutter speed and iso. or

That castle on the hill far abroad in the eye of your frame is going to be sharp.

Nosotros forgive soft edges at 135mm considering of the price and low-cal weight and in a large amount of circumstances the discipline volition be centre of frame.

I now intend to have information technology on board for my side by side wedding, whilst i’ll exist shooting my Nikon’s for the money shots, I tin’t help thinking the m 3 and eighteen-135 simply makes sense as a dorsum upwards and I don’t think it’ll allow me downwardly. F5.6 doing a portrait at 135mm is enough DOF without getting rediculously thin.

I besides found that with a subject which fills the frame, like a face, that Pentax AF-C and 9SEL will look for the near contrasty subject and a wee test at home with the 18-135 revealed at close quarters it to exist very reliably looking for the optics …… interesting,

mind you lot at that range, i’ll mostly apply selective AF points.

And so, it’s no Landscape ‘ machine’ , merely information technology’southward what it is …. a very very capable all-round kit lens, that when you know how to use it, delivers more than acceptable images, with reliable, fast AF. ……… oh and

v. It renders actually nicely with great flare resistance.

Heavily cropped, K3 & 18-135. This bird is a very pocket-size white-center and not very close.

Also at F5.half-dozen & 135mm, the aircraft hangars from nearby airfield are pretty good given atmospherics

18mm, f8 and using Live view ……

Focus bespeak in LV was the far edge of the rowing building … again f8 & 18mm

There you become, Sunday walkabouts with the K3 and xviii-135, mostly done in Live view, especially every bit i’k wary of soft images at around 1/100th ……… and it delivers great sharpness.

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Re: Why the 18-135 makes so much sense.


Well stated. The eighteen-135 is my most used lens.

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Re: Why the eighteen-135 makes so much sense.


18-135 is my first Pentax lens and I agree that it is a convenient travel lens.

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Re: Why the 18-135 makes and so much sense.


I couldn’t agree more to the point where I purchased 2 of them ane for the K3 bag and ane for the K3 Ii bag. The Pentax eighteen-135mm along with the Pentax 16-85mm and Sigma 17-70mm are my standard walk arounds for Pentax crop bodies. I’m still using my Canon stuff for what piffling professional I still do since retirement but would non hesitate to apply one of the K3’due south with the xviii-135 to document a wedding reception.


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Re: Why the 18-135 makes so much sense.


Yes, well-nigh used lens on my K5 for final ix years. Sort of “replaced” sigma 17-70/2.eight-iv.five which I was using equally general purpose lens before.

Simply sometimes I’g thinking about getting DA18-270 or Sigma 18-300..

And aye, I have several lenses optically well above 18-135WR, just the size, weight, handy eighteen to 135mm range, atmospheric condition sealing and fast focusing simply wins..  E’er in my bag. Even if I have 17-fifty/two.8, 70-200-ii.viii and 35/1.4 packed there besides

*HINT* DA18-135 works with ane.5x TC Kenko SHQ and with 1.7 Pentax AF TC. Eye image quality is plenty good even if magnified past TC.

Talking about 18-135.. this roughly equals to 28-200mm lens field of view on FF camera. And there is no such modern lens available for K-1. Merely some really old 28-200 or 28-300 Tamrons/ Sigmas..

This is another K1 portfolio hole that needs to be covered. DFA 28-105/3.five-5.6 is nowhere almost and carrying multiple lenses kills the “small & light” function.

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Re: Why the 18-135 makes so much sense.


Amazingly precipitous through the middle at all focal lengths & apertures.

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Re: Why the xviii-135 makes and so much sense.


Alternatively, the D-FA 28-105 isn’t that much bigger and it’s sharp at all points, all apertures and all focal lengths, fifty-fifty before you lot crop away the edges. The wide end can be replaced with a 15 or 21 Express. That’southward what I’ve done, having sold the 18-135. Non that information technology’s so bad, but the D-FA is so much improve.

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Re: Why the 18-135 makes and so much sense.

I can encounter the value if you don’t need wider than 18mm. I had the original 18-55 kit lens and replaced it with the xvi-45. Have the sixteen-85 now and the 16-55 f/2.8 for Fuji. For travel I’thou interested in the Fuji 15-45 kit lens. If someone made information technology, my platonic walkabout would exist a 14-60 f/4.

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Re: Why the xviii-135 makes so much sense.

John McMillin wrote:

Alternatively, the D-FA 28-105 isn’t that much bigger and it’south precipitous at all points, all apertures and all focal lengths, fifty-fifty earlier you crop away the edges. The broad end tin can be replaced with a 15 or 21 Express. That’s what I’ve washed, having sold the 18-135. Non that it’s so bad, only the D-FA is so much better.

Excellent idea! I went fifty-fifty farther in finding the DA 18-135 replacement. I’ve got an old Pentax-A 35-105/3.5. Optically it is fantastic, simply a little bit heavy (when mounted on my K-S1


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