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By | 16/10/2022

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal has long been one of the league’s brightest and nigh captivating personalities. During a recent interview in Las Vegas with Entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David for the PBD Podcast, O’Neal spoke in-depth nearly his life, career, and hereafter plans.

Towards the cease of their give-and-take, the two had a chip of fun with a live all-fourth dimension NBA draft. O’Neal had the get-go option in the draft and surprised many past picking his former teammate, the late great Kobe Bryant, ahead of Michael Jordan. Here’s how the conversation went.

O’Neal: “Kobe.” Bet-David: “You pick Kobe first?” O’Neal: “Of course.” Bet-David: “Ahead of Jordan?” O’Neal: “Yeah. Bet-David: “Seriously?” O’Neal: “Yes, I played with Kobe.” Bet-David: “Are you being serious?” O’Neal: “Aye.” Bet-David: “Y’all option Kobe over Yard.J.?” O’Neal: “Write it down. Take a moving picture, and fax it.”


Shaquille O’Neal may have been a little bit biased while selecting his sometime teammate. However, his decision showed the level of respect and admiration that he has for Kobe Bryant.

It’due south well documented that O’Neal and Bryant did non ever see middle-to-center during their time every bit teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers. Withal, they still won three championships over eight seasons playing together. In contrast, O’Neal only won ane title in 11 seasons while playing without Bryant in his team.

The question of who should become starting time in an all-fourth dimension typhoon could exist debated for hours. Just in that location’s no denying that Kobe Bryant should at to the lowest degree exist in the discussion given his all-encompassing list of career accomplishments.

Bryant was a five-time NBA Champion, two-fourth dimension NBA Finals MVP, NBA MVP, 18-time NBA All-Star, and 11-time All-NBA Starting time Squad fellow member, amidst other accomplishments. He also had a legendary work ethic and dedication to the game of basketball. And so, in that location could definitely be worse kickoff overall selections.

The second overall selection in the hypothetical all-time draft went to Patrick Bet-David who surprisingly selected Shaquille O’Neal himself. That left O’Neal with a fairly piece of cake decision to select Michael Jordan 3rd overall.

The top v was then rounded out with Bet-David selecting Hakeem Olajuwon and O’Neal selecting LeBron James. By the time they were done O’Neal had a starting five of Bryant, Jordan, and James, along with Karl Malone and Bill Russell.

Bet-David had a starting v of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Dennis Rodman along with O’Neal and Olajuwon.

O’Neal and Bet-David’s all-fourth dimension lineups were and so judged by the live crowd at hand, with O’Neal winning well-nigh unanimously based on the crowd’s cheers.

“Joker is squeamish. He’s a piece”- Shaquille O’Neal on who is the strongest five in today’s NBA

Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors - Game Five
Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors – Game Five

Information technology’s a well-known fact that Shaquille O’Neal is quite difficult on most modern-mean solar day players, particularly mod-day big men. He has famously hated on players such equally Dwight Howard, JaVale McGee, and Rudy Gobert.

In the same interview with Patrick Bet-David, O’Neal was asked who is the strongest 5 in today’due south NBA. O’Neal struggled to think of an respond at first before settling on reigning dorsum-to-dorsum MVP Nikola Jokic. He then added that Gilded State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is his favorite player overall.

“Joker is nice. He’s a piece.”

“Yeah, Steph Back-scratch is my favorite role player. I love Steph like, work ethic, how he plays. He plays the game the right style. His team, they motility the ball, they share the ball. I love Steph Curry.”

Nikola Jokic may non be the dominant depression mail force that Shaquille O’Neal was. However, his skill set up every bit a practise-it-all point-center is undeniable. Likewise, Stephen Curry’s elite shooting and overall ability to impact a game at his summit is equally impressive. So it seems pretty clear that it takes a special type of talent to win the approval of O’Neal. Overall information technology’southward hard to observe fault in either of his choices.


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