Zoom Lens For Iphone 8 Plus

By | 14/08/2022

Have y’all e’er tried to apply your iPhone to take a pic of something, but you lot just weren’t close enough to it? The field of study may look too small, or it gets lost in the busyness of everything else in the frame. Those instances are when you need a telephoto lens the most.

A telephoto lens will let you capture a closer or more zoomed-in moving picture without it being grainy or blurry. But before you lot run out and try to accept photos from a distance with your iPhone, you should know — not all iPhones take telephoto lenses. If this is all new to yous, don’t worry. This commodity will answer all your questions about the iPhone telephoto lens. Yous’ll as well read tips on when to utilise your telephoto lens and learn about some of the best clip-on lenses y’all can get if your iPhone doesn’t have 1.

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Using the built-in iPhone telephoto lens

All iPhone cameras volition let you zoom in on your photos. But on some models, it’s just a digital zoom, meaning information technology takes what your camera is seeing and just scales the movie in size to brand it look like information technology’s zoomed in. A telephoto lens gives yous a true zoomed-in image because it’south using a different lens altogether. This means your moving-picture show volition exist sharper and more in focus.

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What iPhones have the telephoto lens?

If y’all’re trying to effigy out if the iPhone you have or the 1 you’re thinking virtually ownership has a telephoto lens, look no farther. Here’s a list of which models have that zoomed-in lens:

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

What practise different iPhone lenses practise?

Each lens on an iPhone photographic camera is designed to have a unlike focal length. In other words, you tin zoom in or out, depending on the lens, without physically having to move. The default lens is the broad-angle. Some iPhones accept an ultra-wide lens, which will capture an prototype twice as wide every bit the default broad-angle. In comparing, others have the telephoto lens, which will capture a subject twice equally close.

What can you lot shoot with the telephoto lens?

The short answer is anything you want! Only yous’re more than likely to use the telephoto when you lot’re shooting something that’s either small or far away. The zoomed-in lens volition make your subject await bigger and have upward more of the frame.

When to use your iPhone’s telephoto lens

The best times to use your telephoto lens are when yous’re trying to capture something at a altitude or annihilation upwards close, like a portrait. Speaking of which, Portrait mode makes great use of the telephoto lens. The extra background mistiness helps draw attending to the field of study, and the telephoto lens captures stunning details that will keep your pictures visually interesting.

Other scenarios when y’all’d likely want to employ the telephoto lens include when you’re far away from something. Concerts, sports, or even landmarks tin all look a fiddling ameliorate when you employ the telephoto lens.

The five best clip-on iPhone lenses

Now, if y’all’ve fabricated it this far, you might be thinking, “Telephoto lenses sound not bad, merely what do I do if my iPhone doesn’t have one?” Well, the good news is that there are several attachments yous can buy to add a telephoto lens to your iPhone.

While it might non be congenital into your iPhone, a prune-on lens can nevertheless capture some incredible images just by sliding information technology over your iPhone camera. And depending on the glass in the lens, a prune-on 1 might actually take a ameliorate picture than the congenital-in ane.

Hither’south a list of the best telephoto lenses for iPhone.

ane. Moment Tele Lens – 58mm

Moment is a company that has been making great lenses for phones for many years. They use loftier-quality drinking glass, so your pictures are e’er precipitous and stunning. The downside is that they clip direct to your phone or over a case. You lot just have to buy a Moment instance and attach the lens to that. The good thing is that since it connects to the case, when a new iPhone comes out, your lens will however work (as long as yous buy a instance for your new phone).

Picture of the Moment Tele Lens - 58mm.

Moment Tele Lens on Amazon

2. Sirui Portrait Lens

If you are looking for a true clip-on lens, you won’t want to pass up the Sirui Portrait Lens. Y’all just clip it onto the edge of your iPhone, positioning it over the camera, and that’southward it. It has a focal length of 60mm, then information technology’due south a hair closer than the Moment lens. While it’s not dramatically closer than the built-in wide-angle lens, the drinking glass in this lens is of incredible quality. You get sharp pictures without whatsoever vignetting or darkness around the edges.

Picture of the Sirui Portrait Lens.

Sirui Portrait Lens on Amazon

3. Apexel Loftier Power 36x Hard disk drive Telephoto Lens

The Apexel High Power 36X HD Telephoto Lens is made for iPhone photographers who want to become real upwardly-close and personal with their subjects. This lens has an impressive 36x focal length, whereas the built-in iPhone 12 telephoto lens is only 2x that of the wide-angle.

At that place are a couple of drawbacks. The beginning is how heavy and cumbersome it is to apply this lens. That’s why it comes with a mini tripod. The other cistron to consider is that it tin be hard to focus your pictures. Because it tin zoom in so shut, whatsoever slight movement volition make the whole image blurry.

Picture of the Apexel High Power 36X HD Telephoto Lens.

Apexel High Power 36X HD Telephoto Lens on Amazon

4. Sevenka 6-in-1 Lens Kit

If you’re not ready to drop some serious cash on a lens for your iPhone, then check out this kit from Sevenka. At that place are 6 lenses, including an 18x telephoto lens. Patently, it’s non equally spectacular as the Apexel lens featured on this listing, but it’s a practiced eye-ground choice.

The whole kit usually runs anywhere around $50, but be prepared for the image quality you lot’re getting for that price. And while it won’t go you a better moving picture than another lenses, it’s still a great way to dip your toe into using dissimilar lenses for your iPhone photography.

Picture of the Sevenka 6-in-1 Lens Kit.

Sevenka half-dozen-in-1 Lens Kit on Amazon

5. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Some other more budget-friendly lens comes with the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit. This one merely clips onto your camera, and the lenses are very lightweight and easy to travel with, like to the showtime two on the list but at a similar price every bit the Sevenka kit. The paradigm quality from the telephoto lens is adept, merely it doesn’t come close to being the best on this list. That said, if you’re looking for a cheaper lens to foray into iPhone photography that’s also lightweight, look no further.

Picture of the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit on Amazon

Whether y’all have a built-in telephoto lens on your iPhone or not, in that location are a ton of cracking options out there for y’all. You can cull to zoom in practically as far as humanly possible, or you can stick with something a little more than nimble and lightweight. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re feeling more inclined to try out a clip-on lens or, at the very least, get-go taking pictures with your telephoto lens — especially portraits!

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